Scholarship Fund

Community Supported Wellness Fund and The Delmarva Free School

Goal One: As a community, learn to understand and address substance abuse as a primary mental health issue.

Goal Two: As a community, become educated and comfortable addressing personal mental health and wellness issues, in a way that is applicable and day-to-day.

Goal Three: As a community, help provide free, longterm outpatient treatment for people suffering with substance abuse disorder.

If you have a heart and you have a mind, you have emotional and mental needs!

My answer to promoting wellness in our community begins with ending the stigmatization around substance abuse, and further, addressing mental wellness and happiness as an accessible need of every human being.

I am introducing a model called Community Supported Wellness.  I got the idea from the Community Supported Agriculture movement that popularized buying local, organic foods.  

I am promoting a scholarship, or wellness fund, that is fully supported by your membership pledges. 

The Delmarva Free School is non-profit organization run through McMullen Psychotherapy, LLC.  Financial support actually provides you a membership to The Delmarva Free School. Free School seminars will discuss things like Treating Substance Abuse as a Primary Mental Health Issue. Purchasing a membership provides quality therapy services from McMullen Psych to our suffering kids, provides these seminars for those who don’t have the resources and individual education for you, a community-minded citizen.

Delmarva Free School has been created to enlarge the conversation on accessible community wellness and sustainable mental health, and put tools for this in our hands!

If we don’t talk about it, how can we heal?

How Can You Help?

To learn how you can help, please visit the Community Supported Wellness link on this website.

Mental Health and Wellness Treatment

Understanding the stages of change model can help us find compassion for the struggling addict.

It can also help us understand the idea that young people, generally speaking–without drug use!–operate primarily in what we call the contemplation stage. When the chemical madness of addiction to drugs is added to this, making lasting behavior changes that include abstinence from drugs can seem impossible.

Treatment begins when we recognize substance abuse as a primary mental health issue. Substance abuse includes real psychological and physical symptoms, as well as real courses of proven solution.  Comprehensive behavioral health and accountability, emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills, meditation and mindfulness, and narrative therapies are some of the interventions offered.

Treatment becomes hope when we start as a community to address mental health and wellness as our number one goal.