Therapy is a useful way to look at and begin to work with your inner world. The result of this new level of self-awareness is being able to take action and make any needed changes in your day-to-day life.

Relationship issues,  feeling despair or hopelessness, and general complaints of stress or feeling stuck are normal parts of the human experience. Therapy can help ease the strain of dealing with these circumstances alone.

My commitment to you is an atmosphere of safety and unconditional acceptance. We will explore your inner world—your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and stories related to your experiences—in an allowing way that encourages self-acceptance.  This support can empower how you feel about you and how you live your life.  It can also help you make lasting changes in your life.

My approach to therapy is strength-based and honest. I have a depth, psychodynamic psychological perspective, and believe in strategic use of both CBT and DBT influenced therapies. Mindfulness and positive psychology techniques are natural parts of treatment with me. These take-home stress-management tools can provide greater peace and an authentic sense of wellness that every person deserves.

Individual, couples, and family therapy is available.



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