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If you have a heart and a mind, you have emotional and mental needs! Hi everyone, I’m Kelly, the founder and Clinical Director of the Delmarva Free School.  McMullen Psychotherapy is not a business.  It is the professional trade name used for marketing the therapeutic and wellness services provided by The Delmarva Free School. It is operated by Kelly McMullen and the Board of Directors of the Delmarva Free School.

Welcome!  McMullen Psychotherapy is working to provide affordable or free wellness, mental health and substance abuse services through The Delmarva Free School.  The Delmarva Free School is a member supported wellness co-operative.  Click here for more information.

To help this mission, pledge your support!  

Help strengthen our local lower shore community and our virtual and local system of Mentorship and Support by supporting someone suffering with substance abuse disorder or other examples of pervasive complex trauma. Help them to receive longterm, quality wellness treatment, AND open the dialogue in your own life about how to be really well! Pledge for your wellness, the wellness of our kids, and a community we are proud of and love.

Donation-based Membership 100% tax deductible.  Make gifts payable to:

The Delmarva Free School

443-493-3985.  See our link to FB on the right, or at the bottom of your Mobile Device.

Non-profit EIN 81-4214989 or

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